City of the Week

This week's city is.... Budapest, Hungary

One of the largest cities in Europe, Budapest never fails to charm tourists or any other visitors who are fortunate enough to explore this lovely city. From its legendary thermal baths to its mysterious ancient caves, Budapest is not a city that you want to miss on your next trip to Europe. Before you start packing, organize your itinerary. Here are ten things to do that will definitely be worth your time.

1. Take a tour of the Hungarian Parliament Building (the large building in the picture above).
2. Relax at the world renowned Szenchenyi thermal bath. The water is naturally heated by two thermal springs nearby.
3. Take a boat ride down the Danube River for a great view of the city.
4. Walk across the historic Chain Bridge. It was the first bridge that connected the two cities of Buda and Pest.
5. For the classical music lovers, enjoy a concert at the famous Budapest Opera House.
6. Take the Budapest Castle Hill funicular railway for a fun ride around the city.
7. For adventure seekers, take a tour of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle, an ancient cave system below the city.
8. Try some original Hungarian wines. Blue Danube is a popular brand.
9. For some traditional Hungarian cuisine, pay Cafe Ruszwurm a visit for a pastry. Some more formal restaurants for dinner include Costes, Gundel and Trofea Grill Etterem.
10. There is a cute little tower on Castle Hill called Fisherman's Bastion. Visit it at night for an unforgettable view of Budapest's skyline.

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